In addition to poetry readings and class visits, Kris Bigalk has extensive experience speaking on multiple topics; a sample of her talks appear below. All have been offered as classes, workshops, presentations, and/or keynotes to audiences ranging from MFA students to community groups.

Contact Kris at to set up an appearance.

Keep Writing: Planning and Funding Your Writing Career

Most writers find it challenging to make writing a priority, at least at some point in their lives.  Grants, fellowships, and residencies can be wonderful tools to keep a writer engaged and moving forward.  This workshop provides practical information, tips, and techniques to help writers find the time and resources to write.

Networking for the Introverted Writer

If the idea of “networking” makes you shiver, this workshop is for you.  Learn how to use your strengths as an introvert to generate interest in your work, and how being a good literary citizen will help you create the kind of writing community that supports the work of all its members.

Ten Ways to Jumpstart Your Writing

Writing the same thing over and over?  Feeling stuck in a rut?  These ten tips will help you break out of your patterns, find fresh material, and provide new perspectives.